UOC scientific journals recognized for their integration of the gender perspective in editorial practice

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Author: Sandra Pérez (foto: UOC)

Since 2020, the FECYT has been awarding a special mention to journals that follow good editorial practices in gender equality

One of the requirements for receiving the distinction is that there must be parity in the editorial teams and among reviewers

Two journals published by the UOC top the ranking of Spanish journals with the highest visibility and impact

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) awards a quality seal to recognize Spanish academic journals that are notable for their impact, visibility and quality. The journals published or co-published by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) that were eligible have renewed the distinction and, in addition, Artnodes, BiD: Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentació, International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education and IDP. Revista de Internet, Derecho y Política have obtained a special mention for good editorial practices in gender equality.

In order to award the distinction, the FECYT assessment committee checked that the publications met five requirements, which include promoting gender equality in the composition of teams. The journals that received the special mention have at least 40% of their management positions and editorial bodies (editorial board, editorial committee, advisory board, etc.) filled by women. The journals also have a balanced percentage of female reviewers who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the articles published.

In order to award the special mention, the public body also confirmed that the journals have an editorial policy that promotes the use of inclusive language and that they include the full names of the authors in the articles in order to make women's contributions to research more visible. In addition, they report when a study presents data broken down by sex so that differences in the results can be detected.

A total of 514 Spanish journals renewed the quality seal in the last call for applications and, specifically, 115 obtained the special mention for good editorial practices in gender equality. 

Analysis of parity in the UOC's journal teams

Overall, the academic community working on the ten scholarly and general interest journals published by the university is showing progress towards gender parity; 43% cent of authors, reviewers and members of editorial teams are women

Furthermore, although the general interest journals, given their nature, are not eligible for the FECYT mention, they have adopted the gender perspective criteria recommended by the public body, such as putting guidelines in place for inclusive language and indicating whether the data are presented according to sex. 

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The ranking of Spanish journals

With the results of the call for application to renew the quality seal, the FECYT has prepared a new edition of its ranking of visibility and impact of Spanish scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences. Two journals published by the UOC are at the top of the ranking in their respective fields of study: Artnodes, which ranks fourth in the fine arts category (out of a total of 26); International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education second in the educational sciences category (out of 76 journals).