About the library

The Library is integrated into the UOC classrooms, too, and you will find many of its resources in the Learning resources section of the Virtual Campus.

Global impact #2030Agenda

The UOC is a global university committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Library team is also contributing to overcoming our major global challenges by fostering open knowledge and the incorporation of the gender perspective in teaching and research.

Our commitment to achieving the SDGs has led us to work with the Camilo José Cela University Library to undertake joint awareness-raising actions related to the 2030 Agenda. For example, this collection of content about Emilia Pardo Bazán highlights the legacy of women writers.

The Library and the gender perspective

The Library has been actively involved in the UOC 2020-2024 Gender Equality Plan [CA], which is our roadmap for reducing gender inequality in the university context. Specifically, it is involved in eight of the Plan's actions, in the strategic areas of teaching, research and organization.

Since 2019, the Library and Learning Resources department has had a member of staff specializing in the gender perspective, Mireia Castillón, who identifies areas for improvement and suggests new proposals related to gender issues.

Mireia Castillón

Mireia Castillón

Operative subgroup: Law and Political Science resource manager, vocational training, gender perspective Operative group: Library for Learning


We engage in collaborations to mainstream the gender perspective in teaching and to ensure that all courses have learning resources and content that are free of gender bias and highlight the role of leading female figures.  

Perspectiva de gènere | Recursos d'aprenentatge #UOC

"Com contribueix la Biblioteca a la incorporació de la perspectiva de gènere en la docència de la Universitat?: Diàleg amb la Unitat d'igualtat"


We also provide content and resources in library guides, and news reports on key dates to provide students and teaching staff with materials related to gender studies or which affective, sexual and gender diversity.


We provide support for promoting and highlighting gender equality in research and knowledge transfer content.