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Final project SOS. Resources and tips for final projects

In this session, we will tell you about some useful resources and give you a few tips on carrying out advanced searches.

Persona mirant la pantalla d'un ordinador 

Com s’incorporen documents a l'O2 Repositori UOC?


Useful tools

Get your ideas in order, tie concepts together and build visual representations.

Visually display information to understand it better or present it as a diagram, bar chart, comparison chart, organizational chart or map.

  1. Get ready!

    As a first step, find out how to make the most of the Library resources and services. Welcome!

  2. Learn how to search for information

    Find articles, books, journals, and other quality content to enrich your activities and final project.

  3. Complete your activities

    Tips and resources to successfully complete your activities and final tests.

  4. Complete your final project