30 examples of final projects that may inspire you

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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Time to do your final bachelor's or master's degree project? In the UOC institutional repository, O2, you'll find works by other students acclaimed for their quality.

The following is a list of just some of the final bachelor's and master's degree projects that have been completed at the UOC. You are sure to find it useful if you're in the process of taking an in depth at the subjects that most interest you, or perhaps even as a reference when writing your own final project.

They have been awarded prizes from their respective faculties in recognition of their excellence. And of course you will find each one in the O2 in open access, available permanently and for free.

Information and Communication Sciences

This project, in Spanish, discusses an app that offers educational weather information with customizable functions that can be adapted to the user.

This project in Catalan analyses the current state of Catalan archaeology in relation to open science and digital humanities and defines its positives and negatives.

Written in Catalan, this project analyses the structure and functions of the protocol offices of both the Government of Catalonia and its presidents from the 1980s to the present day.

This research paper, written in Catalan, opens a window onto the consumer habits of young people aged between 14 and 16, with an emphasis on news.

This project in Spanish explores how Spain's four main political leaders used Twitter for the electoral campaign of 12 and 26 April 2019.​

This project analyses the validity of archetypes in audiovisual narrative by looking at five perfume advertisements. In Spanish.

Psychology and Education Sciences

This study examines a same-sex relationship to analyse whether it is possible to identify the long-term effects of homophobic harassment within the relationship and what these are exactly.

This qualitative study looks at socio-educational actions taken with adolescents and young people lacking family role models in the Catalan towns of Girona and Salt. The work suggests the improvements that need to be made in order to successfully create favourable conditions for young people's full development, so that they may progress socially and culturally as active members of their host community.

A case study of two highly gifted pupils who suffered motivationally and emotionally due to a lack of support from or the specific way they were treated by their school.

Law and Political Science

This project, in Catalan, offers a characterization of psychopathy and analyses its management using an empirical evidence-based approach.

In this project, written in Spanish, the author associates each behaviour type related to bullying to the criminal offence that might classify it and its disciplinary consequences.

This project gives a self-assessment of the Registry Help Offices (OAMR) of a town council using the EFQM quality management model. In Catalan.

Economics and Business

This project, written in Spanish, researches and proposes the guidelines to follow when designing a range of products for solo female travellers. 

Written in Catalan, this project draws a parallel between parental leave policies and gender bias in the labour market and in unpaid work in home and family care.

This project in Catalan casts a light on what Airbnb is really like, how it is distributed, its distinguishing features and its current penetration in Catalonia.

Estudis d'Arts i Humanitats

Analysis in Catalan of how Catalan literature has depicted the migratory phenomenon based on an exegesis of La pell de la frontera (2014), by Francesc Serés.

This research paper, written in Catalan, focuses on the reception of Laietani wine in the early days of the Roman domination of Minorca, between the late second century BC and the first century AD.

This project looks at philosophy and its relationship with emotions, more specifically the role that emotions play in the creation and formulation of content and knowledge. In Catalan.

Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications

Written in Catalan, this project uses ontology to make all the information regarding charging points in Barcelona more accessible.

This project, written in Spanish, offers a fresh approach to viewing today's comics on multimedia devices so that artists can adapt them using a web language app.

Prototype that uses the Arduino platform to monitor vehicles in real time using GPRS and GPS technologies.

This project uses both mixed-effects linear models and then mixed-effects non-linear models as a tool for establishing a parallel between test and reference product preparations when conducting complete dose-response trials.

Written in Catalan, this project uses data science methodology to compare various predictive models regarding the volume of water in Catalan reservoirs.

This project attempts to optimize the Muscle Simulation with Extended Position Based Dynamics model of Romeo et al. (2018), applying parallelization techniques in multithreading CPUs.

This project, written in Spanish, looks at the state of 5G technology and its use within the IoT. It explains how these two technologies are related and describes the antennas, bands and networks that use them.

This project develops a proprietary crypter that can be used for malware detection with different anti-virus programs. In Catalan.

This project, in Spanish, is the prototype for a mobile-first app that aids in the university education selection process; guides and adapts students' expectations, tastes and needs; and improves institutions and their range of courses. 

This work describes an app that aims to help guitar students in their musical education by exploring the programming environment that Apple offers for video game development on mobile apps. In Spanish.

This project, published in Spanish, focuses on a web app to manage private medical consultations. Users can organize their own consultation independently and even have the option of creating a medical record.

Health Sciences

This project, in Spanish, looks at how prevalent the risk of developing an eating disorder is in two  differently-aged adolescent populations and analyses the degree of body dissatisfaction.

Written in Spanish, this project attempts to solve the problem of assigning new professional resources fairly among social healthcare workers at health centres.

Projects which receive a recommendation from the teaching staff for publication in the institutional repository can be self-published by following these steps: