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How it works?

  1. If you need a book to add to the recommended bibliography of your classroom, or you need to modify the existing one, you can make a request by completing the fields on the corresponding form.

  2. Once we have received the request, we will consider it and send a message to your UOC email address. We will give priority to digital content.

    Materials on analogue media will only be considered, as an exception, if no digital options are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended reading is the collection of materials that teaching staff suggest students may (optionally) read in order to learn in greater depth about the topics they are studying in their UOC courses. It is important to differentiate between recommended reading and learning resources, the latter being needed for passing the assessment activities.

Teaching staff have to request the acquisition of reading matter through the Ask us to purchase a book. Once the request has been assessed, the purchase process can begin. The content will then be added to the Library's permanent collection, making it available to the whole university community.

Publications in digital format are given priority, and only if unavailable as such will they be purchased in hard copy.

The document delivery time depends on the title requested, its availability and the publishing group or distributor that supplies it. In the case of paper books, you also have to take into account the number of days required for shipping (domestically or internationally).

The UOC Library will cover the cost of purchasing the books.