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Reference manager and academic social network that helps you organize your documents, collaborate online with other researchers, and follow the latest research trends. Mendeley is a free reference manager, although there is also a paid version with advanced features. The UOC Library offers you access to the full service. There is a local or desktop version and a web version (in the cloud) which sync automatically. 

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The Library offers you an advanced version of Mendeley: Mendeley Institutional. This version gives you more storage space, among other benefits. You will need to activate it once a year using your UOC email address.

Activate Mendeley Institutional

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Mendeley is a free bibliographic reference manager with a web and a desktop version. It allows you to create your own personal library of references so you can store, organize and share them. In Mendeley you can:

  • Manage your references in one place, accessing them online or from the desktop version of Mendeley Reference Manager (Windows 7 or later, macOS or Linux). The two versions are synchronized with each other. 
  • Add citations and bibliographies automatically to Microsoft Word with the Mendeley Cite add-in.
  • Save references from content you consult online with the Mendeley Web Importer browser extension.
  • Upload, read and annotate PDF documents.
  • Create lists to organize bibliographic references (introduction, section 1, section 2, etc.).
  • Track subjects that interest you.
  • Create groups and collaborate with others, sharing references, documents and ideas.

Mendeley Institutional Edition is an advanced version of the reference manager with additional features. You can access it via the Library using your UOC login details.  

See below how the institutional version compares with the free version:

Features Free Institutional
Personal library 2 GB 100 GB
Group storage 100 MB 100 GB
Maximum number of members per private group 25 100
Maximum number of private groups 5 1.000
Mendeley Suggest on Desktop No Yes

Mendeley Cite is a tool that allows you to seamlessly insert references from your Mendeley account into a Microsoft Word document:

  • Search for references in your Mendeley account and add citations to the Word document. Select one or multiple references and insert them.
  • Create a bibliography from all the references you have cited.
  • Choose your preferred citation style. Mendeley has the most common styles including APA, Vancouver, Chicago, ISO 690 and Harvard.

You will need to install an add-in, Mendeley Cite, which currently works with Microsoft Word in its desktop and online versions (students and teaching staff can use the Microsoft 365 Office software free of charge with their UOC email). 

Follow the steps set out in this tutorial.

You can add bibliographical details to your Mendeley account in two different ways: using the Mendeley Web Importer browser extension while browsing the Internet, or adding them manually.

Follow the steps set out in this tutorial.