The UOC presents its learning resource model at the International Education Summit in Santiago, Chile

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The UOC Library took part in the event to exchange knowledge with institutions based in Latin America.

The UOC Library was invited by Duoc UC to join the Summit Internacional de Educación (International Education Summit), held in Santiago, Chile, from 6 to 10 January.

During the event, Ciro Llueca, director of the UOC's Library and Learning Resources, gave a presentation on the University's learning resource model. He also took advantage of his time on stage to discuss the steps being taken by the University to adapt its educational programmes to a competency-based design model and to make all of its learning resources available to students in digital format.

As part of his speech, Llueca also talked about the type of professionals involved in designing the University's learning resources, as well as the processes and tools available for their creation and management.

In the 2018/2019 academic year alone, the UOC provided students with over 22,000 learning resources produced by the University itself, not to mention the 14,000 resources already available on the publishing and audiovisual market that teaching staff selected for their courses.

Graphic: get to know the learning resources

What's more, through the Library's digital collection, the UOC community has access to an array of databases, books and e-journals, which altogether amassed a total of three million downloads last year.

The UOC strives to apply quality online higher education methodology to its student-centred teaching model. The University's 78,000 bachelor's degree graduates, 84% of which would choose the UOC again, are a testament to its success.

International Education Summit

At the international gathering, organized by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), attendees heard from executives and other professionals engaged in the world of higher education across Latin America. They were also able to attend a series of professional development workshops.

The International Education Summit aims to position itself as a space to meet and share experiences with executives, teachers and education experts specializing in management and leadership in schools and higher education institutions in Latin America.

The 2020 event welcomed a range of experts from National Taiwan University, the Education University of Hong Kong, the University of Pennsylvania, the Victoria University of Wellington, IE University and a host of other reputable educational institutions.