The UOC Library establishes alliances with Latin American libraries

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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UOC Library director Ciro Llueca attends the Innovatics conference and various working sessions in Santiago de Chile.

The director of Library and Learning Resources, Ciro Llueca, attended the 7th Innovatics conference in Santiago de Chile as a guest of DUOC UC. This Chilean university school provides technical-vocational education and trains 100,000 students every year at various centres across the country. Of these, 83 students are studying on various mobility programmes at the UOC.

DUOC UC is affiliated with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and currently cooperates with the UOC to advance in its e-learning process.

At the symposium, Ciro Llueca opened the conference with a paper on the future of the university library in front of 300 professionals from a number of Latin American countries.

The visit to Chile has served to strengthen the alliances that the UOC has with this university school, with which it works to define the digitization process for university teaching organizations. Besides the international conference on applied innovation in university schools, the UOC has also taken part in a seminar on digital skills among university students as well as internal working sessions on assessing digital services and user experience. Also the focus of attention of a number of working meetings was intellectual property rights management in university environments.

Participating alongside the UOC were Héctor Reyes and the DUOC UC Library team, Elaine Domínguez (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey), Gonzalo Oyarzún (Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas de Chile), Edgardo Civallero (independent advisor), César Mazo (Medellín Mayor’s Office), Alba Nelly (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and Jennifer Romano (Facebook).

The UOC Library is a benchmark in digital services aimed at the university community. In 2016, it provided students with nearly a million digital collection downloads, and the The Library Replies channel was given an excellent rating by users of the service. Ciro Llueca, director of Library and Learning Resources at the UOC since late 2015, h