Net Magazine: inspiration and expertise

Subject:  Information and Communication Sciences
Woman lying on sofa with computer on legs

The UOC Library has added a new publication specializing in web design and development.

Sign in to the UOC Library website and take a look at this new magazine: net, "number one for web designers and developers".

For example, take a look at issue 301. The lead article looks at the future of invisible interface design, which will revolutionize the way we interact with devices thanks to voice recognition, artificial intelligence, etc. The article's author, Hilary Stephenson, is an expert in the field, and founder and managing director of user experience design agency Sigma. The article also includes recommended resources and a series of case studies.

Each issue has over a hundred pages produced by professionals from the sector, covering specific examples, additional information, and tutorials and videos on subjects such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Sketch or Photoshop.

Net Magazine is full of inspiration and expertise. If you're passionate about web design and development, this magazine that's been around for more than 20 years now is just for you.

You can find issues published from January 2017 onwards in the UOC Library.