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Mireia Pérez Cervera

Mireia Pérez Cervera

Operative group: Library Development. Coordinator. Collection and services

Work fields:

Collection, Student services, Training, Organization and planning, Digital platforms, Library management system

How can Mireia Pérez Cervera help you?

She is responsible for managing the databases, journals and e-books and this means making sure that the digital collection is effective and adequately aligned with your real interests and needs. In her daily work, she takes care of all sorts of tasks related with the functioning of electronic resources: negotiating with suppliers and sales representatives; solving problems; handling budgets and invoicing; visibility and maintenance of the documents and the search engine, and assessment of their use; etc.

She takes part in various working groups in the CSUC consortium, whether to analyse shared resources or to take part in implementing the Library's new management tools.

Like her other colleagues at the Library, she also attends to the queries received by The Library Replies service.

Education and professional career

Mireia holds an official llicenciatura degree in History and an official diplomatura degree in Library and Information Science, both from the University of Barcelona (UB), she is a graduate in Information Science from the UOC and she holds a master's degree in Libraries and Digital Information Services from the Carlos III University. She started with internships at the Performing Arts Documentation Centre (at the Institut del Teatre) and at the library of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

She has spent several periods abroad to broaden her experience and training: at the Centre Pompidou's Bibliothèque Publique d’Information in Paris, at the Istituto Luigi Sturzo's archive in Rome, and she spent one year working in the European University Institute in Florence, which was her first contact with university libraries.

Back in Barcelona, she worked in the documentation department of Agefotostock, a photography and image company and, later on, she joined the UOC, where she has held a number of positions. She continues to further her training and currently she is studying for the Bachelor's Degree in Information Science at the UOC.

Public profiles

Personal interests

I enjoy travelling, reading and look for mushrooms in the forest.