Are you studying and interested in internship opportunities? The Library has created four new positions

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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The internships are all paid and related to the world of librarianship and documentation, communication and content editing

The internship will take place online, although we may ask students to attend occasional in-person team meetings

Students from the UOC or other universities can now register for a range of new internship opportunities with Library and Learning Resources.

In total, four​ non-curricular internship options are available, all of which have flexible timetables so that students are able to combine them with their studies, providing an active learning opportunity to work alongside our team of over 60 professionals.

Take a look at the internship opportunities available. If selected, your internship will be completed between October 2022 and July 2023. Are you the candidate we're looking for? Register your interest

Learning resource language review

Rut Vidal, internship tutor: "You will become familiar with linguistic quality analysis methods and strategies, which is a fundamental aspect of the work done by a professional language consultant"


  • You will assist with ensuring the quality of the learning resources produced by the UOC by carrying out language reviews of the texts.
  • You will check content written in Catalan and Spanish for linguistic accuracy (spelling, grammar, vocabulary and graphic and typographic conventions) and help with tasks related to the identification and resolution of translation issues.

Support for the Library and selection of learning resources

Aida Camps, internship tutor: "You will get an insider's view of the librarian's role within the UOC's educational model, working alongside the teaching staff on tasks related to the research, selection, acquisition, production and evaluation of learning resources"


  • You will help our library team assist the teaching staff with the selection of the best learning resources for teaching.
  • You will participate in the selection of relevant sources of information targeted at the requirements of our different audiences.

Communications and administration for a scientific journal

Elsa Corominas, internship tutor: "An opportunity to learn how a scientific journal is run".


  • Dissemination of content. You'll be involved in communication tasks sharing content published in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (ETHE), a UOC journal on online higher education. 
  • Social media management. You'll help with the dissemination of content via ETHE's accounts on academic and mainstream social media to consolidate its reputation. You'll also help produce monitoring reports for the analysis of results.
  • Publication tasks. You'll keep in contact with the journal's community of collaborators and users (editorial board, authors, readers, etc.).

Academic publishing support

Maria Boixadera, internship tutor: "You'll be providing support for the university's academic publishing of books and journals".

  • You'll help with the publication management, indexing and communication tasks for our academic journals.
  • You'll be involved in the management and monitoring of data for Editorial UOC and our academic journals.
  • You'll lend a hand in communication and marketing for Editorial UOC.    

Key points

  • Where do the internships take place? The internship will take place online, although we may ask students to attend occasional in-person team meetings at the internship centre, located in the UOC's Barcelona centre (Rambla del Poblenou, 156). ​
  • Will I be paid during my internship? Yes you will. UOC students receive a gross salary of €5 per hour.
  • What are the conditions for applying? You must be actively studying on a bachelor's degree, master's degree, postgraduate degree or specialization course for the duration of the internship. Bachelor's degree students need to have successfully completed over 50% of the programme's credits.

How do I apply?

  • If you are a UOC student, go to the internships tool and select the Non-curricular internships at the UOC option. Register to access the list of opportunities available.
  • If you are a student at another centre, email your CV to, making sure you include the name of the internship opportunity you are interested in applying for.

For more information, visit Procedures / Non-curricular internships.