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Do you need an article, book chapter or conference proceedings but can't find it in the Library search engine? Request it, and we will try to find it in other centres and send it to you in digital format.

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We try to find those documents that are not available at the UOC.

The documents received may only be used for private purposes, for teaching or for research.

How it works?

  1. Search

    First check whether the required content can be found in the Library by entering the title in the search engine. This can be, for example, an article, a book chapter or conference proceedings.

    Choose the Catalan University Union Catalogue option in the search engine's drop-down menu.

  2. Make a request

    If you can't find it or you can only view the summary rather than the full text, fill in the service form. If you're using the service for the first time, you need to sign up in the system and wait until you've received the confirmation of signing up: activation is not automatic.           

  3. Receive the item

    Once we have received your request, we will look for the document in another centre and, if we can find it, we will send it to you in digital format at your UOC email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any digital document related to teaching, learning and research at the UOC that is not in the Library's collection or in those of other university libraries in Catalonia that offer consortium loans (PUC).

Delivery times vary depending on document type and availability, as well as where the document comes from and the supplying institution’s study period. Our team is committed to doing everything that may be necessary to send you the document as quickly as possible.

The service is free for members of the UOC community. For more information, view the table of fees currently applicable at other centres.

For more information, view the table of current fees:

Supplying entity Cost
Catalan University Library Association (CBUC) €0.12 per copy
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

€5 per block of 40 copies

€1 per additional block of 10 copies

Other Spanish university libraries

€5 per block of 40 copies

€1 per additional block of 10 copies

OCLC €30 per search
Other national and international libraries or institutions

€5 / 0.5 IFLA voucher per article


Altres biblioteques o institucions nacionals i internacionals5 €/0,5 IFLA voucher per article

El subministrament de còpies està subjecte i no exempt d'IVA, sigui quin sigui el suport (pàgines pdf, pàgines tiff, etc.).