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Books on loan

If you find a book that is only available in print, you can ask to borrow it. Here's how. The service is available in Spain and Andorra. 

How it works?

  1. Make a request

    Find the book you're looking for with the Library search engine, log in if you haven't already done so, and click on Borrow.

    Choose your delivery method: Collection at the UOC's centres or at the Jaume Fuster library in Barcelona, or home delivery (view the terms and conditions).

    View or cancel your loans from My Account, in the search engine itself.

  2. Pick it up

    You will receive a notification at your UOC email address when the book is available at the pick-up point.

    Check the opening hours before making the trip. You will have up to four or five working days to collect it, and you must bring your UOC card with you.

  3. Return or renew

    You can return the book at the UOC centres, at most UOC points or at the Jaume Fuster library in Barcelona. You can also return it by courier or registered post (view the terms and conditions).

    You can renew your loans before their due date provided the books have not been reserved by someone else. You can do this from My Account (in the search engine itself).

Expand your search

Request an item from another university library in Catalonia

Simply choose the Catalan University Union Catalogue option from the search engine's drop-down menu.

Request an item from other Spanish or international institutions

If you can't find the item using the Library's search engine, fill in the form and we'll look for it elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will notify you at your UOC email address as soon as the book is ready for collection.

If you are going to pick it up from a UOC centre or the Jaume Fuster library in Barcelona, ​​you must show your university ID card or other form of photo ID. No prior appointment is necessary.

If you are going to pick up the book from a library at another Catalan university, you must always prove your identity with your UOC card.

Check the opening times for each collection point in advance.

Returned books undergo a 48-hour quarantine period in areas set up specifically for this purpose. As a result, when you reserve a book it may come up as "In quarantine".

All staff coming into contact with these documents are obliged to follow the protocols set up by the UOC for handling books.

If you are unable to collect a UOC book in person, you can get someone else to do it by giving them a written authorization, but ultimate responsibility for the document will always lie with you.

The collection of books from other national or international institutions cannot be delegated to anyone else.

To pick up a book at the Jaume Fuster Library, simply select it from the drop-down menu when requesting the loan.

We will send an email to your UOC address to notify you when the book arrives. You can pick it up from the desk at the Jaume Fuster Library. You will need identify yourself with your UOC card or your identity card.

Check the opening hours for the Jaume Fuster Library. If you cannot get to the libary, you can authorize someone else to pick it up for you.

You can use the mailbox at the Jaume Fuster Library to return the book,. If you cannot return it yourself, you can get someone else to return it for you.

You will receive a reminder at your UOC email address before the loan due date. If you're late returning a title, the service will be temporarily suspended by one calendar day per book, per day of delay.

If you lose a book, damage it or fail to return it, you must replace it and inform the Library team as soon as possible.

For more details, see the loan service regulations.