Start the academic year with recommendations from the UOC team of librarians

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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As the new academic year begins, librarians specializing in each of the UOC's areas of study have shared recommendations and resources to help you find information.

Arts and Humanities

  • Bárbara Badell

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Arts and Humanities, vocational training Operative group: Library for Learning

Her highlights:

  • La biblioguia Gender and Sexuality library guide, where you can consult documents and publications in different languages and formats on aspects of gender and sexuality in the Catalan-speaking territories.
  • The JSTOR, collection in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, with digitized journals and books dating back to the 19th century.
  • Arts & Humanities Database to find journals on contemporary art, history, sociology and music history, from the 1970s to the present.

Law and Political Science

  • Elisabet Cervera

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Law and Political Science, Doctoral School Operative group: Library for Learning

Her highlights: 

  • Legal databases, such as Aranzadi and VLex, to start searching for information. With the Library's search engine you'll only find part of all the information available about legal topics.
  • The Open Law Resources, library guide, to find legislation and jurisprudence online for free. It also includes basic legal texts, parliamentary documentation, dictionaries, glossaries and journals.
  • The Find recommended reading, page to learn how to consult the books that teaching staff have selected as recommended for the courses you're enrolled on..

Health Sciences

  • Joan Puig

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Health, ICT skills, vocational training Operative group: Library for Learning

His highlights:

Economics and Business

  • Albert Cervera

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Economics and Business, vocational training and advanced-level training courses for professionals Operative group: Library for Learning

His highlights:

Information and Communication Sciences

  • Neus Malagarriga

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Information and Communication Sciences Operative group: Library for Learning

Her highlights:

  • MyNews, a large newspaper archive specializing in the Spanish press, which provides access to the historical records of the leading newspapers. 
  • eLibro, a large source of digital manuals and books with an extensive catalogue of titles on communication and design in the Hispanic field.
  • The Fake News, library guide, which focuses on explaining the phenomenon of disinformation and its impact.
  • The Professional Resources for Designers, a collection of useful tools and resources for the day-to-day work of design professionals.

Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications

  • Lis Balcells

    Operative subgroup: Librarian for Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications, vocational training Operative group: Library for Learning

Her highlights:

  • O'Reilly, with content on computer science, technology, multimedia and business strategy in a wide range of formats (digital books, tutorials, videos, interactive courses and case studies) from the leading publishers in the sector.
  • Computer Science Database, especially for topics such as information systems, computer security and web commerce.
  • Telecommunications Database, which contains information about telecommunications technology and the industry.
  • IEEE Xplore, to find articles and papers about computer science and electrical and electronic engineering.

Psychology and Education Sciences

Her highlights:

  • The Editorial Graó ePremium databases offer both journals and books.They cover all stages of education, paying special attention to infant, primary and secondary education.
  • Psychology Database, which, in addition to clinical and social psychology, covers related disciplines such as the psychology of business and economics, communication and criminology.
  • In eLibro you can find books and manuals in Spanish to read online or offline.

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