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Legislation and higher court case law from a score of countries, mostly in the European Union and Latin America. Using its search engine, you can retrieve the guides, which will give you solutions for answering questions related with application of the law, for example, personal data protection, labour law or taxation. It also compiles news from different official sources and the articles published in the journal vLex. As additional options, you can print and set up a system of alerts to stay up to date with legislative changes.

Study area
Subject:  Arts and humanities, Law and Political Science
What can you find?
Subject:  Case law, Legislation
Bear in mind

The Library subscribes to the following guides:

  • Civil law guide
  • Company law guide 
  • Procedural law guide 
  • Administrative law guide
  • Tax law guide 
  • Labour law guide 
  • Criminal law guide

Use of this resource is for teaching, academic and research purposes only. Any use of the database for professional work purposes is considered misuse.

Who can access this?

Student, Research staff, Teaching staff, Affiliated teaching staff, Administrative staff

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