Get to know the Library's search engine

Additional actions

On the information page of each resource, you will find additional options such as:

  • Mendeley: save the bibliographic citation using this bibliographic management tool.
  • RIS: save the bibliographic reference as a .ris file.
  • Print: send the bibliographic record to your printer.
  • Email: send the bibliographic record (not the full-text content) to an email address.
  • Citation: you can find the bibliographic reference in different citation formats.
  • Permanent link: a URL for the content which you can share and use at any time. 
Additional actions


  • The document is not available? We'll find it for you: If you need an article, a book chapter or conference proceedings but can't find it in the Library search engine, request it, and we will try to find it in other centres and send it to you in digital format.