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Mementos Francis Lefebvre

Legal manuals on different branches of law that provide a comprehensive overview of current legislation: tax, civil, administrative, social, urban planning, criminal or procedural law, among others. The guides are prepared by experts in each subject and offer an eminently practical approach that can be applied to daily work situations. They are updated automatically and are interconnected. As additional options, you can print, copy, underline or add notes.

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Subject:  Arts and humanities, Law and Political Science
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Subject:  Case law, Legislation
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You will have access to the Mementos for the current year: tax, accounting, social, property, company and others. You will find them in My Mementos.

Use of this resource is for teaching, academic and research purposes only. Any use of the database for professional work purposes is considered misuse.

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Student, Research staff, Teaching staff, Affiliated teaching staff, Administrative staff 

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