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On World Philosophy Day we take a look at the books, journals and videos on this field of knowledge.

In times of great uncertainty, philosophy, meaning "love of wisdom", can help direct our search for answers to major contemporary challenges.

You can search content directly via the Library's search engine or browse the content platforms specialized in arts and humanities.

These resources may prove useful whether you're looking for an introduction to the main philosophical questions or you study them.


There are over 900 titles on philosophy available at eLibro i ProQuest Ebook Central. Some of the most consulted and downloaded are:


Fifteen episodes of the BBC television series Great Philosophers, presented by world-renowned author, professor and specialist in philosophy Bryan Magee in the eighties. In each episode he discusses the ideas of leading philosophical figures with other experts in the field.

International journals

The Library has platforms offering articles from most well-known philosophical journals. This is just a small sample of the publications you can find there.

  • Noûs, contains articles on the whole range of subjects at the centre of philosophical debate, as well as long critical studies of major books.
  • Mind, a journal founded in 1876, publishes philosophy articles in the analytical tradition. Currently edited by Oxford University Press.
  • Journal of Philosophical Logic, is a scientific journal founded in 1972. Published by Springer.
  • Linguistics and Philosophy, contains articles focused on linguistics and philosophy as matters relating to structure and meaning in natural language.

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