What is the collaborative economy? Find out more from this library guide

Subject:  Economy and Business
Five people pulling together

The UOC Library has put together a selection of resources on the collaborative economy to coincide with the holding of the Sharing Cities Summit.

The Sharing Cities Summit 2018 comes to end today. This international meeting was organized by Barcelona City Council and the UOC IN3 DIMMONS research group. This year's meeting focused on promoting specific measures to boost the positive effects that this type of economy can have in cities and to reduce any possible risks.

The latest library guide from the Library provides an overview of the concept of the platform economy and its evolution. You can find out more about the main players in the Procomuns movement, reflect on the most important questions it raises and learn about the concepts involved.

You'll also find the Sharing Cities Common Declaration. It covers a series of principles shared by the 48 cities taking part in the summit as they jointly look to face up to the leading platforms and promote socially responsible models.

This library guide produced by the Library will be added to over time. It aims to act as a starting point to discover what the collaborative economy is and what it is not.