UNE standards, now available from a more intuitive and comprehensive portal

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AENOR's standards are updated every day and are designed to ensure organizations achieve quality standards

At the Library, you can consult the national and international standards that make up the AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) collection: these are technical guidelines to help organizations and companies guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of their procedures, products and services. 

Recently, the Library collection where you can consult these standards, AENORmás, launched a new portal featuring a renovated design that makes it easier to search for content and contains complementary information.

New design

  • You have two options for consulting the standards, which are depicted with two different icons. Click on Descargar (Download) to download the content in PDF format and then choose one of the available languages. If you click on the Leer (Read) button, you'll open the standard in an online reader inside your browser.
  • There is also a new label, Novedad (New), that clearly highlights recently added standards.
  • Current standards feature the green Vigente (In force) label. When a standard is no longer applicable, it features the red Anulada (Superseded) label.
  • From now on, the filters for narrowing down results appear on the left-hand side, and include new ones such as language.
  • The platform's new design is also responsive and adapted to all devices.
Aenormás results page

New standard worksheet

When you carry out a search and click on any of AENORmás' results, you'll open up a new page with additional information. This provides information on the standards committee, the superseding or different versions of standards and equivalences with international documents.

Additional information on a UNE standard to Aenormás

New online standards reader

When you choose the read online option, you'll open up a new reader that lets you choose the standard's language, search within the content and increase or decrease the text size.

The new Aenormás online standards reader

The standards

Implementation of these kinds of standards is voluntary. They provide a roadmap for organizations and professionals, setting forth the conditions and characteristics agreed upon by different professional sectors.  

The AENORmás collection comprises the texts approved by UNE, the Spanish Association for Standardization, as well as other texts adopted by European or international bodies, such as ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. 

About AENORmás


The standards apply to different sectors, and thus can be useful for students of the different fields covered by the UOC's programmes. For example, if you're studying tourism, you can familiarize yourself with the specifications and requirements for managing and providing tourist services, such as in hotels or restaurants. 

Here are some specific examples:

  • UNE 66175:2003. Quality management systems. Guide to implementation of indicators systems. A standard providing indicators and scorecards to measure an organization's activities and assist with decision-making.
  • UNE-ISO 31000:2018. Risk management. Guidelines. Guidance. Establishes the principles and guidelines for managing risks faced by organizations. The standard provides a systematic focus for identifying, assessing and managing risks using a structured process.
  • UNE-ISO 10006:2018. Quality management. Guidelines for quality management in projects. This standard is designed to help organizations achieve their project goals, from planning to the assessment of results, through effective and efficient management
  • UNE-ISO 37301:2021. Compliance management systems. Requirements with guidance for use. Provides guidelines on the implementation of compliance management systems.
  • UNE-ISO 45003:2021. Occupational health and safety management. Psychological health and safety at work. Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks. Guidance on the management of psychosocial risks and promoting well-being at work.

AENORmás is a great tool for professionals and companies needing to remain up-to-date on standards.