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Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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Over seven thousand students have published their final bachelor's or master's degree project in the UOC's institutional repository either for safekeeping or to raise its profile.

How can we apply blockchain technology to e-administration? To what extent does the series Stranger Things play with our nostalgia of the past through pop culture references? These are the questions asked by some of the final projects found in the UOC's institutional repository, O2.

To find inspiration and develop your own project, or to learn more about your topics of interest, take a look at the examples of final projects we have provided below, all of which are available in the UOC's institutional repository, O2.

The number of final projects deposited in the UOC's institutional repository, O2, rose by 13% over the past academic year.

In the UOC's institutional repository, O2, you will also find a final project that was first runner-up for the Red de Cátedras Santander de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (Network of Santander Chairs for Corporate Social Responsibility) award. The author, Miriam Beltrán, said that she "wanted to analyse the specific features of corporate social responsibility in small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on such aspects as management, motivation and challenges", going on to explain that she also "hoped to look more closely at the corporate social responsibility management tools currently available, including their level of penetration in the business market and organizations' opinions of them".

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Go to the UOC's institutional repository, O2 to find out if another student has already carried out research related to your topic of interest.

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  • We will take care of copyright matters, since we work with a Creative Commons (CC) licence that allows us to give your name as the content's author.
  • We help you to preserve your project: the resource provides a permanent URL that will remain active regardless of any interface changes it may undergo.

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