The journal Alternativas Económicas, now part of the Library's collection

Subject:  Economy and Business
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Learn about the economy and how it affects your day-to-day life, as explained by experts.

Do you know how changes to labour and educational regulations affect you? Alternativas Económicas has been added to the Library's digital collection in an effort to accurately and instructively explain the reasons behind the current economic situation. The monthly journal's social and civic perspective will help you to better understand the world we live in.

Access the digital version from the Library.

Expert insight

Since its launch in 2013, professionals and proponents of independent journalism have contributed to Alternativas Económicas in fields such as the social economy, the university and communication. You will find articles by well-known names from the world of journalism such as Ariadna Trillas, Pere Rusiñol and Mariana Vilnitzky. Its founding editor is Andreu Missé, former deputy editor of El País.

What's in store

The latest issue of Alternativas Económicas focuses primarily on the so-called 'war' on diesel and the economic impact of reducing the amount of cars on the road. They also dedicate a special dossier to the effects of the crisis and employment among university professors and feature an interview with the vice president [ts1] of Fundación Renovables', in which he explains the shortcomings of the Spanish electricity system. You can also read an analysis of the psychosocial risks of unemployment and austerity.