Open resources for the UOC Library

Subject:  Multidisciplinary

Aida Camps is attending the Open Education Week (OER17) in London, a forum for reflecting on open-access learning resources, in which the UOC plays a prominent role.

Can Wikipedia be compatible with the academic environment? The University of Edinburgh has put the possibilities offered by this huge collective encyclopaedia to the test, using tools such as the Edit-a-thon, an event in which the institution's staff and students work together to edit or improve Wikipedia pages. The University considers that the experience has been positive and is continuing with it in order to ascertain whether it can contribute to and benefit from this enormous open knowledge resource.

This is just one of the examples that were presented at OER17: The Politics of Open in London, between 5 and 6 April. Aida Camps, a learning support librarian and co-manager of the institutional repository, O2, attended this open access event, which provided an opportunity to reflect on institutional policies and present research projects and examples of good practices from other universities and organizations.The goal is to consolidate the UOC Library as a leader in this type of resource.

But exactly what is an open-access learning resource? The open educational resources (OER) “are teaching and learning materials that are freely available online” (definition of the OERCommons repository). Another key concept are the open educational practices (OEP), that is, the open technology-driven educational techniques and practices that foster equality and support open access to educational resources. The UOC is also committed to promoting open-access learning resources, an example of which is the collection of the institutional repository, O2.

Aida Camps holds a bachelor's degree in Information Science from the University of Barcelona (UB), a postgraduate diploma in the Implementation of Electronic Document Management Projects (EDRMS) from the UOC, and a master's degree in Archival Studies and Document Management from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Since 2015, she has been a member of the Library Services for Learning team, being responsible for managing the UOC's proprietary learning resources and looking for external resources in the areas of Law and Political Science. She is also co-manager of the institutional repository, O2.