Novelettes, learn while you read!

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
A woman reading an e-book

These short novels produced by the UOC give students the chance to work on their course content in an entertaining way, which boosts learning.

Novelettes are accessible to all teaching staff and students enrolled at the UOC, so anyone can enjoy them. Here are some examples:

As part of the Computer Network Security course at the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications, students are asked to read this novelette, available in both Catalan and Spanish, to learn the meaning of certain concepts, such as honeypot, and to understand how Nmap works.

Students on the Crisis and Risk Communication course at the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences will read this learning resource in Spanish to gain insight into rescuing an enterprise's corporate reputation.

The Phenomenological Theories of Crime course from the Bachelor's Degree in Criminology uses two novelettes, both of which are available in Catalan and Spanish, that help student understand and assimilate theoretical aspects related to youth offending and the link between immigration and crime. These short novels also include an index to find key concepts in the text and a list of other novels, films and documentaries for students to have fun while learning.

By reading this short novel in Spanish, students enrolled on the Psychology of Individual Differences course from the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology will gain a better understanding of the required content.