MyNews, a digital archive for communications and information science professionals

Subject:  Information and Communication Sciences
A stack of newspapers

With the UOC Library's new archive you can get 15 years of Spanish press content at just a click.

It has been almost seven years since widespread uprisings that became known as the Arab Spring broke out in the Middle East and North Africa. The suicide of Tunisian street seller Mohamed Bouazizi in 2010 was the catalyst for this mass movement, the consequences of which are still very clearly visible. But where can you get properly informed about a long-running story such as this? MyNews – the UOC Library's new digital press archive – provides the solution.

What will you find?

A collection with 1,400 sources and over 247 million full-text articles, where you can get online news items published in the Spanish press since 1996. It has contents from leading newspapers such as La Vanguardia, El Periódico, El País and Ara.

Going back to the example given above, you could find articles from 2011 on the fall of Hosni Mubarak's regime in Egypt, or other more recent pieces covering the final assault on Raqqa during the Syrian Civil War.

Professional press tool

In MyNews you can use basic or advanced searches, or you can choose a boolean method. You can retrieve documents in multiple formats (with possibilities for XML, Word, Excel or Refworks) and can see the news items in their original layout in PDF.

MyNews is an essential tool not only for people working in communications and information science, but also for anyone needing to analyse any given issue from the last 15 years.