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Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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A compilation of content prepared by experts in online education to adapt teaching to the new challenges of the educational community.

During the confinement due to the health emergency, the UOC decided to share its experience in e-learning with teachers who needed alternatives to continue with the pedagogical activity in a non-face-to-face way. For this purpose, the training cycle «Emergency remote teaching» (in Spanish), was launched, which has been followed by more than 9,000 teachers from 47 countries.

To continue offering useful content for teachers, we have prepared a guide with the tools and bibliography that the UOC experts shared during the different sessions of the cycle. Content on key aspects such as course design, evaluation or support and motivation of the student has been incorporated.

Within the guide, available on the Library's website, you will find the videos of the 24 training sessions in webinar format, as well as other resources such as articles, infographics, reports or books that were used within the framework of the training cycle.

In addition, we have compiled dozens of tools in one space that can be applied to the design and planning of an online course. From applications for the management or creation of content to resources to work collaboratively and develop educational activities.

What content does the guide contain?

The resources are classified according to different areas in the approach to the jump to a virtual emergency teaching:

  • Where do I begin? First steps of online teaching
  • How do I design and plan my course?
  • Tools for designing and planning an online course
    • How do I interact and motivate students?
    • How do I evaluate the learning of my students?
    • How do I teach online according to the curricular areas?
  • Well-being and care in times of emergency.