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Emergency remote teaching

Compilation of resources on non-face-to-face emergency teaching prepared by e-Learning experts from the UOC's Studies in Psychology and Education Sciences. Compilation of emergency remote teaching resources prepared by e-learning experts from the UOC Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.

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Where should you start? First steps for teaching online

Resources on first steps resources for teaching online.

Enseñar y aprender online: superando la distancia social

Webinar on the current emergency situation, which has forced many educational institutions to consider migrating toward online education to provide services to their students while schools and universities are closed and lockdown measures are in force.


Cinco estrategias clave para la docencia no presencial

Webinar that explains the five key strategies for ensuring the viability of quality online teaching: communication and interaction; planning; information management; guidance and motivation; and energizing the learning process.


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