If you're interested in Psychology, take a look at these tips from the Library

Subject:  Psychology and Educational Sciences
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Use search tricks and consult the psychology collections – two steps towards getting good results more quickly.

BPD, cognitive development… Find information with specialized psychology content, ranging from videos of psychotherapy sessions to APA journals.

In the last semester, the most frequent searches by the university community in the Library included borderline personality disorder (BPD), cognitive development, DSM-5 and emotional intelligence; all of these search terms are related to psychology.

Here are some tips you can follow if you are looking for information in this field for your work or research.

The starting point: the Library search engine

You can use the search engine to find all the information available at the UOC: the contents of the Library, the O2 repository, the recommended reading for courses, and the learning resources produced by the University.

The Advanced Search tool is integrated in the search engine box, and the button appears after you have performed an initial search on the Library website. You can refine the results even further by using search tips like the operators AND, NO, and OR, or quotation marks and wildcards.

If, for example, you search for ("borderline personality disorder" OR BPD) AND adult* you will get results containing the exact phrase "borderline personality disorder" or the acronym BPD which in both cases include words derived from adult: adult, adults, etc.

Take a look at a practical example of how to perform an advanced search.


The search engine also lets you find content available in the Library recommended by teaching staff in the classrooms. Select UOC recommended reading from the search's drop-down list, and enter the name of the course you would like to consult, for example, Psychopathology or Developmental psychology.

Search engine drop-down

If you want to see all the psychology journals in the Library, click on Journal Search in the menu bar. The most well-known titles include American Psychologist, the Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Psychological Review.

The psychology collections

If you know what type of information you're looking for, you can go straight to the specialized collections covering personality psychology or the principles of clinical and health assessment. If you're looking for…

  • videos, Behavioral and Mental Health Online contains behavioural therapy sessions and simulations, mental health clinical demonstrations, and documentaries.
  • digital manuals and books, Panamericana contains works like the DSM-5. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the APA, and Psicología del Desarrollo by Berger. There is also a great deal of psychology reading material in Spanish to read online or offline in eLibro.
  • journal articles, go to PsycARTICLES, Psychology Database or the Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, which includes the titles of the American Psychological Association (APA) and other organizations.
  • writing about a specific topic, PsycINFO (APA) contains a great deal of bibliographic references on behavioural sciences and mental health.

Online seminar explaining how to find information in PsycINFO and the Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection


Online seminar to learn about collections such as PsycARTICLES and the Psychology Database


The Psychology Test Library: a collection of psychological assessment tests

The Psychology Test Library is a single space for consulting the complete collection of psychotechnical and psychological, psychoeducational and speech therapy assessment material available at the UOC as a learning resource (tests, test batteries, questionnaires, specific tests, etc.).

Some content is for exclusive use by the classrooms of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, but other content is available on loan or open access to everyone.