Have you got 10 minutes? Learn how ChatGPT, Gemini and other tools work with the new O'Reilly guides

Subject:  Computer science, Multimedia and Telecommunications
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Shortcuts are short, up-to-date guides with practical tips and tricks for mastering artificial intelligence tools

O'Reilly is one of the Library's content platforms most often consulted by the UOC university community. It has books, audiobooks, videos and courses on technology and business. It has recently released a set of new contents, called Shortcuts, which are short practical guides to understand how tools based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) work.

Each guide is structured as various units, indicating the content's author and level of difficulty: easy, medium or advanced.

To access the Shortcuts, search for the name of the platform (O'Reilly) in the Library search engine or on the Digital collection by field page, log in with your Virtual Campus credentials and, once you're in, go to the Featured / Shortcuts option.

Si usas herramientas de IA generativa, es esencial que evalúes los riesgos y las implicaciones éticas y de privacidad. Ten en cuenta posibles errores y sesgos en los resultados. Consulta más información.

The courses include:

  • ChatGPT: techniques and strategies to issue effective instructions (prompts) in the tool's chat and obtain better results.
  • Gemini: tips to effectively use this tool for different purposes: planning seminars, rewriting emails, etc.
  • Bard: tips from various experts to overcome the drawbacks of the tool, write effective prompts and take advantage of its potential.
  • LLaMa: guide to Meta's AI system, with basic concepts and tricks for setting up the LLaMa environment and creating advanced prompts.
  • GitHub Copilot: the units cover various aspects, such as the effective use of GitHub Copilot for prompt engineering, result optimization and improved accuracy through specific techniques.
  • Duet AI for Google Workspace: Google Workspace's generative AI. Includes practical tips from experts to use it as a writing assistant, sort data in spreadsheets or optimize searches, among other uses.

Further information

O'Reilly stands out for the quality of its contents, which are selected by O'Reilly's editorial team, as well as for its extensive coverage, including topics such as programming languages, machine learning, cybersecurity, design, team management, web development or data science. 

If this is the first time you've heard about it, we suggest you log in and explore its contents.