Good practices to raise your profile on LinkedIn

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Recommendations to make the most of this professional networking service and post a strong profile.

With 690 million users in 200 countries and more than 20 million active job offers, LinkedIn is one of the world's largest professional networking services, according to data from the platform itself. With it you can promote and position corporate content, build a personal brand or grow a network of business contacts.

But are you making the most of LinkedIn's great potential? How long has it been since you last updated your profile? According to a study of over 24,500 CVs by the American firm ResumeGo, the chances of getting a job interview are 71% higher when they include a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile.

Spending a little time to detail your employment history can help you leverage LinkedIn's potential and stand out from your competitors. Here are some tips from Gina Aran, course instructor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, on how to improve each section of your profile. Some of the most important:

  • Personalize the URL.
  • Add a photograph and keywords.
  • Provide a good summary, highlighting your skills, goals and values.
  • Make your profile dynamic and regularly publish content relevant to your professional field and take part in related groups.
  • Include recommendations, especially from supervisors or clients.

This infographic uses all our tips to put together the profile of a well-known personality, The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper.

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Infographic: How to improve your LinkedIn profile