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In the Library you can consult the digital version of about forty Mementos in the following fields: criminal, administrative, fiscal, social, salary and payroll...

What items are included in a payroll and how should I interpret them? What types of contracts are there? What is my personal income tax rate? Am I entitled to a refund if my flight is cancelled? In the Library's Mementos, you'll easily find the answers to these types of questions.

Mementos are legal manuals on the different branches of law, offering you a 360° view of current regulations. They have a very practical approach and are not limited to presenting you with the literal transcript of the law; rather, they are designed to resolve day-to-day educational and professional questions quickly.

In the Library you can consult the digital version of these manuals, published by the Lefebvre publishing group. You can access them from any device and easily browse through the contents that, in their printed versions, usually exceed 1,000 pages.

In addition, the digital format means contents can be continually and automatically updated. The Mementos are connected to the legal platform El Derecho, for further reading and research.

Consult the complete list of Mementos available from the Library.

Each Memento has a built-in search engine and an alphabetical table to help you search for specific keywords and quickly locate the paragraph with the solution. The manuals include expert feedback, case studies, and additional content.

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The latest additions

At the request of Library users, two new manuals have recently been added for use by the university community.

You can search for the title of the Memento that interests you directly in the Library's search engine. You will need to log in with your Virtual Campus credentials in order to read it.