Emerald opens a new platform: 600 easier-to-search-for titles

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
An e-book and a pair of glasses

Emerald has a new platform, so we have taken a moment to review the features of this multidisciplinary database of e-journals and book collections.

There are two outstanding new features: an intuitive design and a faster, more accurate search. The changes, the result of collaboration with experts from 12 international universities, are intended to improve user experience.

What's new

From now on, you will be welcomed to the database by a large search engine, inviting you to explore and learn with over 600 items available in the UOC Library. Emerald has improved its search algorithm to automatically show you the most relevant content for the terms you have used.


  • You can consult the summary and details of the titles on the results page to save time and clicks.
  • New filters will allow you to directly sort by open access contents (only open access) or Library subscriptions (only content I have access to). ​
  • New icons will clearly indicate the format in which the content is available, PDF or EPUB.

What will you find in Emerald?

Some examples:​

Infographics about the Emerald collection