Do you want to do your final project in English? We can help!

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
A girl preparing a final paper

On the Library's Complete your final project page, you can find information and tools to help you successfully complete your final project.

Among the resources available, there's a practical guide to help you do your final project in English. Go for it!

If you're doing your final project this year, we can help. The Library website has lots of advice and resources to help students, and it has a specific section to help with final projects.

What can you find?

  • An infographic with a selection of tools for each of the different phases of your project.
  • A manual detailing the different features of the UOC's final projects.
  • Examples of final projects produced by other students, selected for their quality.
  • Tips to find the information you're looking for more quickly.
  • General advice on how to cite correctly, improve your writing, avoid plagiarism or include the gender perspective.
  • Tips and tools to make an effective presentation.

And if you want to do your project in English?

Among the resources added to the Complete your final project page recently is the Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing End-of-Degree Projects in English. The guide offers help and advice to write a (bachelor's or master's degree) final project in English. It's been put together by the Vives Network of Universities' Language Quality Working Group (English section), a group that the UOC Language Service is involved in.

It's a practical guide with lots of examples and it's divided into two parts: 

  • Style, which covers general style issues, such as how to develop sentences and paragraphs.
  • Structure and content, which takes a close look at each of the sections that make up a final project. It does so from the perspective of the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences, respectively. 

More and more students are choosing to do their bachelor's or master's degree final project in English. If you'd like to join them, this guide can provide help on how to improve your writing style and organize your work.