Are you studying tourism? Your journey begins with Hospitality & Tourism

Subject:  Economy and Business
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The content of the collection is designed for students and professionals in the tourism sector

Sustainable tourism, marketing and industry trends: the platform covers many of the topics addressed in the UOC's classrooms

World Tourism Day (September 27) aims to highlight the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism management, and to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible activities to meet the challenges set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To mark this date, we recommend Hospitality & Tourism Complete, a collection aimed at students and professionals in the tourism sector.

The collection's strong points

The platform belongs to the American group EBSCO, which specializes in academic information. It is international in scope, and covers the various aspects of tourism and hospitality, including two of the areas around which the programmes in the area of tourism at the UOC are structured: innovation and sustainability.

If you are not yet familiar with this resource, here are some reasons why you should take a look at it:

  • Variety of resources: it contains journals, e-books, news, case studies, conference proceedings and company and country reports.
  • Wide coverage of topics: it includes information on administrative practice, demographics, hotel management, market trends, legislation, leisure and business travel, law, logistics and food and beverage management.
  • Online reading and downloading: the documents can be read online in PDF and HTML format. You can download the documents in PDF format to your computer and consult them whenever you want, and you can save the HTML documents to your Google Drive account.
  • Multiple languages: most of the content is in English, but you will also be presented with results in Spanish and other languages.
Hospitality & Tourism
  • Quality content: there is text from more than two hundred highly renowned journals in the academic world, including Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, designed for educators in the hospitality and tourism field.
  • Glossary: this platform, which is designed for tourism professionals, has its own thesaurus which will help you find very accurate information and broaden your searches.
  • Citations and abstracts of articles: the collection offers you the full text of many documents, as well as bibliographic references and abstracts. This makes it a good starting point for finding out what has been written about a specific topic.
  • Connected to the Library: Hospitality & Tourism Complete gives you the full text of many documents, and if some content isn't available there, you'll see a direct link so that you can read it in one of the Library's other collections. This allows you to access much more content from a single platform.
  • Audio player: for documents in HTML format, you have the option of listening to the text aloud.

Expand on this information

The Library contains other resources from various areas that can help you if you are studying tourism:

  • In Business Source Complete, you can find information on the basic concepts of economics and business, administrative processes and other areas such as marketing, production and finance.
  • Sales & Marketing Source includes texts and over a hundred journals on brand management, sales techniques and customer relations.
  • Statista offers you themed dossiers, studies on digital markets, global company rankings and country data that can help you analyse consumer needs and the competition and obtain data on tourist destinations.
  • You can clear up your doubts about the law as it relates to tourist activities with the vLex and El Derecho platforms.
  • The English language resources library guide can provide support for clearing up queries about spelling, grammar and vocabulary. 

If you have questions about these resources, contact us via the Library Replies service.