An ever more open UOC

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
An open padlock and a key

5,600 final projects in the O2 repository and 100 theses in TDX.

The number of open-access works deposited by UOC community members in the O2 and TDX repositories has increased. This reflects the raised profile of the academic work produced by UOC students.

Open access to UOC publications

Why deposit works in the O2 repository?

Repositories like O2 are open-access digital archives that offer a great many benefits for authors, institutions and society:

  • Greater reach and impact. Authors reach more readers and are cited more often. This is beneficial for their digital identity and leads to more opportunities. Institutions increase the scope of their scientific and academic output, and, in turn, society can access the contents freely and without restrictions.
  • Protection and preservation. Authors have permanent access to their publications and institutions can collate and conserve the work produced by their communities. This means that all this knowledge is preserved throughout history and contributes to the protection of students' intellectual property.

Now that you know about the advantages of the O2 repository, are you going to join the open movement? It just takes a few simple steps to upload your final project.