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Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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A new browser extension will inform you when the text you are searching for is available in the Library.

When searching for information on the internet at some point you may have hit upon an interesting article or book only to find that you could only consult its abstract. If this situation sounds familiar to you, we recommend you install the new Lean Library extension in your browser.

When you visit sites like Google Scholar, Dialnet or academic journal portals, the tool will inform you if the full text is available in the UOC Library. A popup will appear in your browser with the link to the content and you will only have to enter your Virtual Campus username and password to access it.

The Lean Library extension will also inform you when it finds an alternative source for a journal article in open access, helping you to avoid academic publication paywalls.

Lean Library


What does the extension offer?

The new resource will help you to:

  • Save time by integrating the Library into your workflow without having to replicate searches in various academic portals;
  • Recover quality content solely from internet searches;
  • Find legal free alternatives to paying for articles.

How to use the extension

  • Download the extension

    The tool is available for the Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Explorer browsers. For the moment, it can only be installed in computers.

  • Select Universitat Oberta de Catalunya as the institution on the dropdown list.

If you have any doubts or questions about Lean Library, feel free to contact us at The Library Replies.