Meet the team

Library for Research

Open science and services for research

The UOC strives to ensure that the knowledge generated by research is open to everyone, has the highest possible impact and enables us to make faster progress towards sustainable development. This team is responsible for preserving the university community's publications in O2, the UOC's institutional repository, and supports research staff at every stage of the research cycle.

Academic journals

All journals published or co-published by the UOC have two things in common: they study the intersections of social sciences and technology, and they publish open-access content to make knowledge available to everyone. The Library supports journals' editorial teams and ensures their proper operation.

Editorial UOC

In 1995, Editorial UOC published its first book, Quinze pedagogs: la seva influència avui. Thus began the story of a publishing house created with the aim of providing educational materials and general-interest books in Catalan and Spanish.