Meet the team

Meet the team

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As announcedCiro Llueca will take over as the Deputy General Manager for Research and Innovation, replacing Mònica de Forn, on 1 October.

As a result of this appointment, the Library for Research unit will now form part of the Office of the Deputy General Manager under a new name: Open Science.

The new unit will maintain the same structure and staff of eleven people: Begoña Aguilera, the director, Maria Boixadera, the technical coordinator, and nine other specialists carrying out roles to support open science and research, and the university's journals and publishing arm (Editorial UOC).

This is a pioneering initiative in Spain and draws on similar experiences at other European universities committed to open science, such as the University College London Office for Open Science and Scholarship, the Open Science Accelerator at the University of Turku, the Utrecht University Open Science Platform and the Open Science Office of the University of Mannheim. In the words of UOC Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, Marta Aymerich, "this reorganization contributes to reinforcing the research support ecosystem just as the new Interdisciplinary R&I Hub is about to open its doors".