The Library's new website

The new site is more accessible and intuitive, features a more powerful search engine, and has content to meet the needs of everyone in the UOC university community, grouped by field of study. Here are some of the main changes.



  • The new website will be more visual and have a responsive design to meet the needs of all types of devices. 

  • The main menu will present all of the Library's services and content for students, researchers and teaching staff. This means you can access the information you need with fewer clicks. 

  • The Library search engine will be a prominent feature on every page.

  • Access to the Library's content and services will be gained with the same Virtual Campus login and password.
  • Upon accessing the new website, you will see your customized home page with the specific information you need for your learning, research or teaching. 

  • In addition to the information you can find with the Library search engine, we have classified the content of the collection (journals, videos, databases, etc.) by the UOC's areas of study. This will allow to find what you are looking for more quickly and also discover new information of interest to you.