Time for your final project? Then check out some examples!

Subject:  Multidisciplinary
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The O2, the UOC's institutional repository, contains some 9,500 projects by other students.

If you are about to embark upon your final project, a good starting point might be to cast your eye over the bachelor's and master's degree final projects that teaching staff from the UOC's different faculties have honoured for their quality.

Also, to inspire you and encourage you to contribute to the university's commitment to the UN's global challenges, we're giving you some examples of projects that, from different areas of knowledge, analyse gender or LGTBI+-related inequalities or help raise the profile of important women.

All the projects we recommend are viewable, free of charge, at the UOC's O2 Repository. Aside from final projects, this portal brings together other publications designed for the university community, such as some 80 books, learning resources, doctoral theses and research articles.

The gender studies final degree project collection

This collection aims to promote the projects of UOC students that focus on gender studies. Its latest additions include:

To view other final projects, surf to the UOC's O2 Repository and select the faculty, programme and, finally, the final degree project section.