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World Internet Day (#internetday) was held for the first time on 17 May 2005, in an initiative organized by the Spanish Association of Internet Users. Shortly afterwards, the United Nations decided to designate the day in its official calendar, on the same day as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, in order to promote responsible and inclusive use of technology internationally.

To mark this special day, we recommend some reading and guides available in the UOC Library to explore today's digital ecosystem and look at how to integrate technology in various areas, such as business, education and health. It's not simply a question of doing the same thing with added technology, but instead of applying a broad-based change to improve efficiency and the products and services offered.

A little context

Information to appreciate and better understand the impact and reach of the internet on a global scale.

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Enjoy reading about digital transformation for a more connected, innovative future in which technology is a key tool for learning and progress.