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Critical digital literacy

Texts and teaching resources supporting teachers in developing critical digital literacies. The guide has been produced in the context of the DETECT Project with the collaboration of Edul@b researchers (Juliana E. Raffaghelli, Teresa Romeu, Marc Romero Carbonell, Dèlia Español), Minna Lakkala (University of Helsinki, Finland) Alice Rolfi (University of Florence, Italy) and Anastasia Gouseti (University of Hull, UK)

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Increased access to digital technologies and social media has created new opportunities as well as challenges for education – and raised questions in relation to educators’ digital literacies.

Enhancing teachers’ critical disposition and critical digital literacies is significant. These competences are transferable across digital contexts and, therefore more relevant to the fast-paced realities of everyday digital practices.

The activities, courses and materials it includes aim to help primary and secondary school teachers make informed decisions by enabling them to weigh the tech's pros and cons and then convey them to their students.

The content has been chosen using the DETECT project's digital literacy framework, a roadmap featuring the eight key dimensions that need to be taken into account for a critical focus on technologies, which range from data literacies to digital well-being and safety.

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