Keep up to date with the Library's news on the Campus

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Activate the module on Campus to find out what's new at the Library.

You now have a new way to keep up to date with the Library's latest news and resources. Just add the Library News module from the Add Information link, which you'll find in the upper right-hand margin of the Campus, just below the main navigation menu. 

Campus module

What will you find in it?

You'll be up to date with:

  • The Library's new contents, such as books and videos, as well as news about databases and other platforms.
  • The launch of new library guides, monographic guides in which the Library staff curate contents so you can learn more about classroom topics and current affairs.
  • The launch of new websites and features to facilitate your search for information.
  • Tips and guidelines you can apply during the semester
  • Videos of the seminars held by the Library to help you find information.
  • Recommended reading in relation to specific dates.

You'll also find other information, such as the status of the Library's services during holidays.