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What do potential customers think of you? Browse through this selection of insights, tips and real-life examples to help you create a strong, positive brand image.

"In this new library guide, you'll find tools and insights tailored to every stage of your corporate image design education."

"A la nova biblioguia trobaràs eines i coneixements adaptats a cada etapa del teu viatge educatiu en el disseny de la imatge corporativa".

In today's competitive business world, having a good corporate image is key. Every detail, from the name to the visual design and storytelling, influences how people perceive your organization and what it puts out into the world. To help you in this process, the Library team has created the "Corporate Image library guide".

  • From the classroom to the professional world, whether you're taking your first steps or are about to graduate, here you'll find tools and insights tailored to every stage of your corporate image design education.

    Operative group: 

    Elena Bartomeu, Professor from the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences.

It contains a selection of handbooks, e-books, case studies, articles and videos from communications experts to give you comprehensive insight into the subject. 

"This library guide has been created to meet the needs of students preparing their final project in corporate image design for a compilation of useful resources and references", said the library guide's promoter, Professor Elena Bartomeu from the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences. 

What will you find in it?

  • Introductory content: What's the difference between corporate image and corporate identity? How can you find out what people think of your brand? What ingredients will make your brand stronger? This first section will help you understand the basic concepts of corporate image.

The library guide includes the improved 2024 edition of the book Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler and Rob Meyerson, which provides a comprehensive, exhaustive and highly up-to-date perspective on everything you need to know when coordinating major branding projects, whether for small or large clients.

  • Corporate fonts: This section looks at the criteria you should consider when choosing fonts and reliable sources where you can find them. It covers important psychological and formal aspects of choosing quality typefaces that convey your brand values.

In this video, Marc Salinas, professor of Typography at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), explains the concept of typographic hierarchies to organise content by relative importance. 

  • Brand naming: Learn how to devise an effective brand name, step by step. In this section you will find materials describing the features of good brand names, the types of names you can choose and the stages of the naming process.

It includes a video with examples of ChatGPT prompts to guide you through the process of choosing your brand name.

  • Brand architecture: As organizations grow, showcasing their portfolio of products or services becomes more complex. This section shows you how to structure and organize brands and sub-brands to improve public perception by defining and explaining the different types of brand architecture.

  • Social media branding: Strategies for strengthening a company's corporate image and connecting with its target audience through social media, including tips for an effective brand positioning strategy.

Watch a video in which expert Víctor Puig, digital media project developer and manager, explains how best to position a brand in the digital environment and the role of social media in managing online reputation.  

  • Corporate identity handbooks and guides: This section includes guides to creating brand books for organizations, as well as specific examples of companies that have undergone rebranding.

Professor Bartomeu highlights the rebranding of Enea, the Basque furniture cooperative, carried out by Clase BCN, which "won two Laus awards in 2015". "Art direction and corporate identity combine strength and evocativeness, and are implemented in a very poetic way, even in the most industrial of publishing catalogues."

You can find all these resources and many more in the new "Corporate Image" library guide.