Are you familiar with BiblioSkills, the Library's new training site? It's already had 22,000 visits!

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Take a look at the Library's scheduled webinars and train yourself with videos, infographics and guides to learn how to navigate online

Learn how to find, analyse and verify information, a key skill for your studies and work

From ways to avoid fake news, find reliable information, or prepare a presentation, to guidelines and examples of how to cite correctly in your work; all this is on BiblioSkills, the Library’s training site. Check out the schedule of webinars and find on-demand self-training materials to help you navigate in the digital world.  

Since it was launched last October, the site has received more than 22,000 visits. Some of the most frequently consulted contents are:

The website is constantly being updated with new content. The most recent additions are:

New training courses

Registration is open for the new series of webinars organized by the Library.

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