Conoce Graó: libros y revistas especializados en educación

Learn how to use Graó, a collection of magazines and education manuals with a focus on infant, primary and secondary education. We explain how to access the platform, what content it offers and how you can read it.


Conoce Graó: libros y revistas especializados en educación


  • What is Graó and what does it contain? The trainer provides an introduction to the Graó publishing group, which offers content for the continuous training of teaching staff.
  • What topics are covered in the journals? You will find articles on everyday practice in the world of education (educational innovation, projects, evidence-based education, etc.). There are general interest journals, and others specializing in various didactic fields.
  • What topics do the books cover? An overview of the collections of books that Graó offers.
  • How to do a search in Graó. A demonstration of how to search for articles and journal issues using the general search engine and filters to refine your results.
  • How to read the journal articles. You can view the contents with an online reader or download them in PDF format, so you can access them whenever you want, without any restrictions.
  • How to read the books. Read the book online, in full or by chapters, or download the whole book in EPUB format so you can read it whenever you want.

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