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A platform for economic press and current affairs. It gathers text from national and international daily newspapers and periodical publications and it has a very complete advanced search tool that gives precise results. It is a very good option if you have to track a market's evolution, analyse a current news item, or investigate the growth of a global corporation. Another key point is that it allows you to download the complete text of a large number of news reports at the same time.

Study area
Subject:  Multidisciplinary
What can you find?
Subject:  Newspapers / Magazines
Bear in mind

Among the content available at the Library, you will find:

  • National, international and regional news from daily newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times, The Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times.
  • General interest magazines and publications, for example, Forbes or Newsweek. Information from news agencies (AFP, Reuters, Dow Jones, etc.).
  • Television or radio podcasts from the BBC, CNN or ABC.
  • Company reports.
  • Photo agencies (Reuters or Knight Ridder).
  • European Union Law.
Who can access this?

Student, Research staff, Teaching staff, Affiliated teaching staff, Administrative staff 

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