Publish in open access: the transformative agreements

The transformative agreements

They are new framework agreements between universities and academic publishing platforms that will change the conditions for accessing journals.

In the context of these agreements, the costs to universities relate not only to the reading of articles, but also to open access publication in certain journals that, until now, insisted upon receiving a fee for publishing in open access. Articles will now be published open access by default.

In practice, these agreements enable universities to publish in open access in certain journals.

The UOC have an APC bank with credits that can be used to publish articles in specific journals.

The objective is to establish fairer payments for universities with respect to the current system, while also promoting open science.

The UOC, as a member of the Catalan University Service Consortium (CSUC), is a signatory to the agreements with Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley.