Open Books Publishers (OBP)

Open Book Publishers (OBP) is a UK-based academic publisher that publishes academic books in open access. OBP was founded in 2008 and publishes a wide range of academic books in different disciplines, which can be read online for free and are also available in paid formats. Its aim is to promote open access to quality academic research.

Bear in mind

This publisher's platform is accessed through Search the digital collection by field and is available to all users enrolled at the UOC.

The books offered by this publisher are available in your courses as free-access PDF files without digital rights management (DRM). You can download and read them at any time and on any device.

User guide

Can I download it?

Can I print it off?

Can I underline parts or add notes?

How long can I read it for?


Yes Yes Yes Online, while you are a UOC student. If you download it, forever. -