The UOC joins forces with Open Book Publishers to open up knowledge to everyone

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The UOC has renewed its commitment to the OBP programme to support open access book publishing and the development of open source software 

In 2008, academics at the University of Cambridge founded Open Book Publishers (OBP), a non-profit organization, to "disseminate knowledge digitally, freely and make it as broadly available as possible", as one of the co-founders explained in an interview. OBP publishes openly thanks to various sources of funding, including support from 200 international libraries. The UOC has been working with the publisher to develop open access since 2019, when the university's Open Knowledge Action Plan was approved.

The UOC community can download digital books free of charge in PDF, HTML and XML and MOBI.

Why Open Book Publishers?

  • It publishes high quality, peer-reviewed academic books.
  • Books are permanently and freely available. They are published under a Creative Commons licence, which means that their content can be viewed, downloaded, printed, shared and reused.
  • The publishing group is working to ensure that books are accessible to users with disabilities.

Let's start reading!

Currently, the OBP catalogue comprises 350 books. Most of them are in English and they cover various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. There is a particular focus on anthropology, archaeology, economics, political science, sociology, literature and philosophy.

Some of the books offer supplementary material, such as sound recordings and videos.


Book collections

Open Book Publishers also publish collections such as:

Go to Open Book Publishers and start to read and share the books!